9 Lame Hobbies Black People Love (For Some Reason)

Disclaimer: this article is in response to THIS ARTICLE from Cracked that went viral. I am making a similar post to show the hypocrisy of an increasingly tolerated racism against white people. If you are offended, you can message the admin of Cracked and I will take my post down as soon as they take down theirs.

I am not racist, but black people have certain hobbies that make them easily distinguishable from other races. These hobbies do not stand out as being of relatively good taste. From extremely dangerous to outright illegal, the hobbies that are known to emerge from the African-American community raise questions about human nature. Black people are known for stupid hobbies like…

1. Not getting over slaveryslavery

More than 150 years after the abolition of slavery, blacks are constantly asking for reparations. While thousands of white people have died in war to grant black people constitutional rights, it seems like blacks are in a permanent state of resentment towards white people.

Black people will never mention that there were black slave owners, and even Native American slave owners. Quite the opposite: they will claim that Americans stole land from the Native Americans. They will also omit to mention that it was Africans who sold slaves to whites, sometimes for just a handful of corn. Likewise, they will not mention that blacks genocided each other in Rwanda… or that a century after slavery, dozens of millions of white people died at the hands of each other. No, only blacks live with daily consequences of historical events.

Get over it. 

2. Twerkingtwerking.jpg

Of all the increasingly slutty dancing rituals of millennials, twerking is by far the worst. The experts remain unsure what twerking actually is, but it is believed to englobe all types of dancing that would disappoint a girl’s father. Originating from the streets of New Orleans, there is wide consensus from the non-black population that it should have stayed there.

3. Knocking out pedestriansknockout.jpg

What better to denote the historical achievements of the black community than to mention the famous Knockout Game? The Knockout Game is the cowardly practice of punching an innocent random pedestrian, with the hope of knocking them out with a single punch.

While the mainstrea media doesn’t want to acknowledge this trend due to its racial implications, some have called out for black leaders to come out and talk about this racially motivated violence.

4. Blocking streets for protestingblmPreventing law abiding citizens to go back home after work is the best way to make sure no one will support you. Why do Black Lives Matter activists keep doing it? Probably because it fulfills their sense of entitlement and antisocial tendencies. But that’s until an angry person decides to run over those who disturb public peace.

5. Resisting arrest


While Black Lives Matter activists will tell you that Mike Brown was kneeling, had his hands up and whispered ”Please don’t shoot” while shedding a tear, it’s not how it happened. It reveals un underlying problem in urban communities. Blacks resist arrest twice more than whites. Usually, they resist aggressively nlong before they get arrested, for example while being asked routine questions.

6. Finding new ways to ruin the English language


Black people have their own way to talk, which sounds like tribal gibberish to me. Few resist, but are subsequently accused of ”talking white” by brothers and sisters.

7. Looting


The only thing more upsetting than black people looting Foot Locker stores as  rightful reparations for slavery is that these are usually covered by the media as ”peaceful protests” following the ”unjust” shooting of an armed criminal threatening the police with a loaded firearm.

Black people looting is nothing new, it’s been documented for over 30 years, usually following an acquittal of white police officers. Or Hurricane Katrina. Whatever excuse you can find to steal a pair of Jordans.

By the way, every pair of Jordans being stolen is money taken from another black man.

8. Sagging


Sagging is very impractical while trying to run away from the police… or trying to do anything else. Rumor says this trend began in prison to signal sexual availability to other males…

9. Being crappy customers


There’s a stereotype saying that black people don’t tip. A survey of 1,000 restaurant servers found that one third believed blacks to be poor tippers. Not only that but they are apparently using too many napkins in restaurants.

That’s not the only thing. Remember the TV show Hardcore Pawn that’s entirely dedicated to black people from Detroit being aggressive customers? Must watch.

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2 thoughts on “9 Lame Hobbies Black People Love (For Some Reason)

  1. This came up when I googled “lame hobbies”. According to you, racism goes all ways. So? If it applies to everyone then no one can complain. Plus it’s fair if it’s a blanket thing rather than only blacks or only Mexicans or only whatever are insulted but everyone else is accepted.


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