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29 Generic Black Guy Names And What They Say About His Personality

This is in response to the racist article from Thought Catalog with the same title. If you’re offended, I’ll take it down. Right after Thought Catalog does. I am doing this to bring awareness of how racism against whites has become mainstream.

  1. D’Antre: shoots his pistol sideways.
  2. Latrell: pre-ordered NBA 2K17.
  3. Devon’tae: Calls Donald Trump a racist, can’t back it up with any concrete example.
  4. Ny-Quon: blames slavery for not finishing high school.
  5. Noah: can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and
  6. Antwain: has a fake Rolex, with the chrome layer peeling off.
  7. Malik: has the latest top-of-the-line basketball shoes, but 3 sizes too large.
  8. La Mont’e: sends friend requests to white girls.
  9. Jamal: wears fake brand Beats by Dre headphones.
  10. Daquan: is still wearing Kanye West’s shutter shade sunglasses.
  11. Demetrius: has one source of income, his upcoming mixtape.
  12. Tyrone: threatens to unleash his pitbull on you, complains about negative pitbull stereotypes.
  13. Dre’Quoine: stole your bike.
  14. DeShaun: thinks Egyptians were black.
  15. Dea’Quan: removed his car’s speakers, left only the subwoofer.
  16. Darnell: shot three rival gang members last year, attends every Black Lives Matter protest.
  17. Ke’Darius: doesn’t remove his hat’s stickers.
  18. Daeshon: calls white people whitey.
  19. Kapone: has a tear drop tattoed next to his eye.
  20. Moreece: shouts “World Stah World Stah” whenever two people argue.
  21. Stefphon: gets very salty when losing at FIFA.
  22. Tahjae: his haircut has stripes.
  23. Moses: is still wearing Phat Farm apparel.
  24. Trayvon: provides the whole neighborhood with rap music.
  25. Jontrell: constantly says “do you know what I mean”, but using only one syllable.
  26. Tyrieq: wants to become a hip hop star, if that fails, he’ll play professional basketball.
  27. Keonte: doesn’t consider “it’s just a praaaaank” to be a sufficient excuse.
  28. Shaquon: wears white mid-calf socks under basketball shorts.
  29. Jermaine: sits on porch.

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I am studying psychology (Honours) in Groningen, Netherlands. I have been volunteering in social psychology since 2013. My interests are evolutionary psychology and clinical psychology, even though this distinction is arbitrary and socially constructed. As everyone should know, evolutionary psychology is is the broadest and most fundamental field of psychology. Interested in what clinical psychology says about evolutionary psychology. There. Inductive reasoning.

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